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Finding a good man to marry is hard enough in modern society. In addition to this, looking for a guy with deep pockets can get downright challenging. If a rich amn who can give you attention and whatever you want, this is a enviable prospect. It seems that men who are rich and successful are more attractive to women, the truth is that a man’s income are on the top of women's credentials list, so rich single men are in short supply. If you want to hunt, you have to know where the prey is going to be. As a result, where can i meet rich men is the blessed sorrow of most women of today. Here are a few of the most likely countries / cities / placees in which to find the man of your dreams.

  • Countries with Most Rich Men
  • According the list of countries by the number of billionaires by net worth (USD) compiled and published by Forbes magazine:

    Country Number of Billionaires: Total Wealth
    United States 680 $3.2 trillion
    China 338 $1.1 trillion
    Germany 120 $469.1 billion
    Switzerland 99 $265 billion
    United Kingdom 50 $161.8 billion
    Italy 43 $150.8 billion
    France 39 $212 billion
    Canada 33 $112.4 billion

    You can know the basic situation of the numbers of super rich men on the whole world, maybe it's hard to meet the super-rich for you, but the more super-rich there are, the more millionaires there are in this country. There is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to find a rich man / millionaire is through rich men dating site, so when you are looking for the rich mate for yourself, this data will help you know which country is the best to meet rich men. When you are looking for your rich mate online and only talk to people from the above countries, this improves efficiency and probability of meeting rich men.

  • Top Cities to Meet Rich Men in USA / UK
  • Rich Men Dating Site   are very popular in many developed countries, like United Stats, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and France etc. According to percentage of single men, ratio of single men to single women, mean income of all men, these 3 factors undoubtedly show that whether the city has a large number of rich bachelors. Cities with high rankings in all three factors means it's the best city for single ladies who are looking for rich men and millionaires.

    City in USA City in UK
    San Jose, CA London
    Washinton, DC Manchester
    San Francisco, CA Edinburgh
    Los Angeles, CA Wales
    New York, NY Leeds
    Seattle, WA Bristol
    San Diego, CA Liverpool

  • Top Places to Meet Rich Men
  • The desire to meet and build a relationship with a wealthy men still lingers in the minds of many women. Dating a rich man is not rocket science. At this point, you must know which country and city is your goal, but rich men, eligible bachelors are out there, it’s just a question of locking them! So where are they exactly in the city is another obstacle entirely. Here are a few top places to try:

    Place or Events Reason
    Charity Events Successful rich men and millionaires always want to give back to the society.
    Premieres and Fancy Parties Movie and theatre premieres are occasions when the rich as well as famous people come together. Possibly meet the man of your dreams.
    Luxury Yacht Clubs Rich people like to invite many girls and hold a party on luxury yacht.
    First-class Golf Clubs Rich men who have no mate are likely to be sports lover. Golf are popular sports of successful businessmen and rich men
    Auction Houses Auction houses are pretty much a playground for the rich men, many of rich are avid collectors of artworks or antiques.
    Exclusive High Class Bars The high-end bars in places nearest to successful man's offices are the good places to meet rich men. Because this is their leisure place after work
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