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How to Marry a Rich Man Wisely

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There is a difference between chasing single men and chasing single women, but they have one thing in common, which is to give the other party what they want, let him or her know that you can give them what they want. In dealing with love, rich men are mostly conceited, their hearts are arrogant, and the conventional pursuit method does not apply to them. So how do we women tame wealthy men? The following suggestions are for girls to marry rich men:

We want real love, and we also want money !

Part 1: Whether you are beautiful or not, it has nothing to do with whether you can marry a rich man.

  • The Question: A young and beautiful American girl, Perth, published such a question post on a large online forum financial edition in the United States. It’s an age-old question: Why, in this city jam-packed with rich, attractive, pretty people, is it so hard for hot beautiful ladies to find mates?
  • How can i marry a rich man? What I want to say next is all in my mind. I am 25 years old, and i am so pretty, talkative, elegant and tasteful, i want my future partner to be someone with an annual salary of 500,000 US dollars. You may say that I am greedy, but in New York, the annual salary of 1 million is considered a middle class, and i don't think i asked too much. Is there anyone on this edition with an annual salary of more than $500,000? Are you all married? I want to ask you a question - how can i marry a wealthy person like you? Among the people I have dated, the richest annual salary is $250,000, this seems to be my upper limit. A salary of $250,000 is not enough to live in a posh neighbourhood west of New York's central park. I am here to sincerely ask for advice. There are a few specific questions:

    Firstly, where are the rich bachelors generally spending time? (Please list the name and full address of the bar, restaurant, gym.)
    Secondly, What kind of age group should I target ?
    Thirdly, Why do some of the rich men's wives look plain? I have seen some girls who look like so ordinary and have no attraction, but they can marry into the purple, and the pretty grils in the single bar are out of luck.
    Finally, how do you decide who can be a wife, and who can only be a girlfriend? (My goal now is to get married.)

  • The Answer of A Rich Man: (The following is a reply from Rob Campbell, a multi-industry investment consultant for J.P. Morgan Bank on Wall Street)
  • Your beauty will fade, but my money will not decrease; so I am a value-added asset, you are a Depreciating Asset

    Dear Pols, I have read your post with great interest, and i believe many women have similar questions to you. Let me analyze your situation as an investment expert. My annual income is over $500,000, which is in line with your mate selection criteria, so please believe that I am not wasting everyone's time.

    From the standpoint of a businessman, it's a bad business decision to marry you, and the truth is clear, please listen to my explanation. Let's put the details aside., what you are talking about is just an exchange between fortune and beauty: Party A provides the ideal appearance of the person and party B pays for it, a fair and honest trade. But there is a fatal problem, your beauty will disappear, but my money will not be reduced for no reason. In fact, my income is more likely to increase year by year, and you will not look more beautiful year after year.

    You are now 25, in the next five years, you can still maintain a sturdy body, pretty looks, but less so each year. If it is your only asset, your value will be worrying ten years later. People who can earn more than $500,000 a year are certainly not fools, we would only date you, but will not marry you. Maybe you think I’m being cruel, but it's the truth.

  • Conlusion: Through the above living examples, it is sufficient to show whether a woman is beautiful or not can only decide whether she can be a rich man's girlfriend, and to be a wife, what is needed is value-added wisdom. We know that how appearance is determined by DNA, as for wisdom, it is written in the book. Therefore, the more ordinary the woman is, but the more intelligent she is, the more likely she is to marry a rich man.
  • Tips: What kind of women do rich men prefer ?

    Part 2: Where is it easy to meet rich men

    Now you see, beautiful women don't have much advantage, beauty even becomes a disadvantage, so build up the confidence to marry a rich man. Now we're going to start meeting rich men, and you should stay where they are.

  • Airport and Business Class
  • When you encounter the "Golden Bachelor" at the airport, it is best that you have a striking appearance, so that people can easily notice your presence at the airport; On the other hand, you need to show your loneliness. These two elements can easily lead to an airport romance. Business class is also a good place to meet rich men. For diamond bachelor, business travel is routine, but for you, only take a occasional trip seeking marraige. , after all, its fares are much more expensive than economy class.

  • Luxury Tour
  • There must be a lot of rich men or millionaires in this luxury tour group for you to choose from. Then, you can try to get to know each other better with a rich man who is your style. Important points: Before you join the tour, you need to know something about the place you are going to travel, and it's better to know the local customs and practices. As for the daily grooming of the trip, you must have a careful planning. For example, on the night before you go to the beach, you have already prepared sexy bathing suit, the next day you will be a beautiful scene on the beach.

  • Art Salon
  • Many rich men really like art, or trying to impress others with their love of art. So they often visit art exhibitions planned by well-known art planners. Keep an eye on recent art exhibitions and schedules. When enjoying the artworks, of course, your dress should make you look artistic. But if you want to attract the attention of rich men who has dated many different girls, your unusual temperament is your magic weapon. When you are in the art exhibition, you should keep your eyes focused and remember to smile!

    Part 3: How to Attract Rich Men and Keep Them Interested

    When you've met a rich man, next step, it's time to further development. So ladies, please be careful and patient, and catch the heart of the rich man !

  • Cultivate common interests
  • In addition to work, common hobbies can be considered a good way to spend time together during your marriage. So you have to develop a common hobby with him, make him could get rid of his worries and confident in the future.

  • Conquer his "nepotism"
  • Rich men actually care a lot about what their family thinks of you. People who have more wealth tend to have a family consciousness. If you get along well with his parents and siblings, he will feel good about the marriage with you.

  • Simulate family life with him
  • In fact, your home is a good stage for you to experience the married life in advance, even if it is a rented cottage, as long as it is warm and lovely, he also knows your ability to manage the household. (Can you live a bad life well, can you not make a good life better?). All you have to do is prove to him that living with you is safe and reliable and will never be boring.

  • Hold his stomach
  • If you are a good cook, you can prepare some excellent dishes, the key is to give them a beautiful name about your special significance. Millionaires have too many social engagement every day, and high-end restaurants have almost become their canteens. Therefore, he must be tired of those dishes, and he can eat the homemade dishes of your own hands, he will feel comfortable and enjoyable..

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