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Welcome to the largest and professional millionaire & rich men dating club, we have over 3 million real and verified members who come from the whole world. No matter you wanna date & meet rich men or attractive women , no matter online or in real life. All of these will be very easy & efficient when you become one of us.

We have focused on the rich & millionaire dating for 19 years (since 2001), we offer the best member experience and user interface. Only need an email or Facebook account & your personal profile (including gender, age, location, income), then you can be a valued member of rich men dating club and contact your perfect rich & attractive man or woman as soon as possible. We offer free registration on desktop and mobile devices. Sign Up for Free and find your perfect rich men match.

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Why choose us? because we are the largest & best millionaire matchmaker! Over the past 19 years, 4+ million members choose us over general dating apps because they want their special needs recognized. It's a unique rich men dating app but easy to use. is committed to provide the best luxury dating service for every valued members. Expect to serve you, let you have an unprecedented online dating experience.

Rich Men Dating by Region

Online dating (including rich men dating service) is booming in the whole world attributed to the rapid development of technology. You may be able to contact any rich men or single millionaires on the planet. But when your relationship progresses to face-to-face dating, then the distance is a big problem. There is also the same place that generally has the same culture and similar lifestyle preferences, this increases the chance of a match. Therefore, our professional online dating team has carefully studied the wealthy men in the cities of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and other developed countries, and gave many useful suggestions and tips: How to meet rich men in your city. Or maybe you can get some inspiration from other people's success story.

Featured Members

Rich Single Man

James Brad / 40 / 5'11''/ LA US

I am easy and outgoing person.I want to get the most out of what life has to offer. Traveling and exploring are two of my greatest passions. I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with.

Rich Single Man

Galen Kendrick / 25/ 5'10''/Huston US

We are far from being perfect individuals but it does not mean that we can't be honest, and sincere. I am a good listener, easy going & fun person. I would love to find someone with similar values.

Rich Single Man

Stephen Smith / 45/ 5'8''/ NYC US

I'm not afraid of intimacy, and don’t shy away from deep conversations. I am constantly testing my potential and seeking to be a better version of myself…I hope you can take me to start new travle.

Rich Single Man

Victor Panabaker / 32/ 6'/London UK

I'm 32 years old and live in London, UK. I am a very optimistic & caring person. You can always expect me to be very honest no matter what. I love the beach, traveling, meeting new people & learning new things .

Top 5 Rich Men Dating Sites Review

Millionaire Match

Millionaire match is a best rich men and millionaire dating site for singles who are eager to fall in love with affluent millionaires. Since 2001 year, due to its humanize service and good reputation, it has a huge superior user base (3.6 million rich and attractive singles) and an unmatched professional experience. It has been voted "Best of the Web" by; " highlights the 'millionaires' in its listings" by Wall Street Journal. Millionaire Match is your personal millionaire matchmaker who can bring you luxury lifestyle, romance love or even perfect marriage. If you are a confident woman who is looking for elite, senior rich man or millionaire to share the rest of your life, you will meet rich men at Millioniare Match. It also provides some special and professional services, including Live Counselor Certified Millionaires, Members’ Luxuries and Celebrity Interviews. It only needs a facebook account or email address, then you can date your millionaire... Read More »

Sugar Daddy Meet is the best sugar dating site for young pretty sugar babies seeking beneficial relationship with rich and established sugar daddies. Over the past 10 years, it has become a high-quality sugar daddy dating site and has attracted millions of wealthy men and beautiful girls, including attractive and successful dating minded singles USA, Canada, Europe, Oceania, and so on. It even offers a full or partial refund if you are not satisfied and want to cancel after trying the gold membership for some time. This site meets our basic requirements for the good rich men dating site because of its useful features and user-friendly design, but it's mainly used to find sugar relationship rather than serious relationship, so we recommend as the second choice for dating a rich man, you can have a try as a free member...Read More »

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking ( also known as "Seeking Arrangement") is the best and professional sugar daddy dating site for aspiring men and successful women looking for attractive sugar babies(both male and female), and it also has the largest number of members in the same type of website (over 40 million in 130 countries). Seeking has a new feature called "Seeking Millionaire" which can let you seek a richer love life. The true meaning of life is all about finding the one who spoil you so generously, and give real you the ideal luxury life. With photos ,profiles and annual income gone through strict background check, you’ll feel safe and enjoyable scanning potential matches here. A rich ophisticated gentleman don’t have time to waste for traditional dating, because successful people are always on-the-go, SeekingArrangement as a experienced team make you can date anyone you like regardless of where life takes you...Read More »

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the best dating site if you want to date educated single professionals. Almost 70% of the members have a university degree, aged 30-55 and they are all committed to finding genuine love through online dating. What distinguishes Elite Singles from other elite dating apps is the incredible personality test that matches you with singles of your type. Elite Singles has made everything easier for you if you want to date professional rich people just like you. Elite Singles is the only elite dating site created for educated professionals. You may not find so many quality members with good education background on other dating apps. It has been serving elite singles for years in over 200 countries. Safety and privacy are highly valued here. You can easily navigate through this app and find what you want... Read More »


Luxy is one of the most successful rich men dating sites for successful and attractive millionaires. As the name suggests, luxy dating is for rich singles who like luxury life and luxury things. But need to know that it's not suitable for sugar daddy and sugar baby. With over 80% of members earning more than 1 million a year, because the professional team, we can see that the quality of the user is guaranteed. Luxy's experienced team will make sure that only the most refined, noteworthy singles are accepted. If you want to date verified rich people just like you, this will be a good choice... Read More »

Rich Men Dating FAQ

1. Why Rich Men Choose Online Dating ?

Rich men are busy with their business, because of their hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, rich men can make sure that their business get better and better on the right path. Moreover, when the rich men are on vacation, they like to do X-sports with their rich friends, such as diving , parachuting and skiing. So, do rich men have time for love or seeking love ? Time and uncertainty is the biggest problem with traditional dating, single rich men desire to own steady love , a proper girlfriend or a perfect life-partner. So millionaires and rich men choose specialized rich men online dating , because it is convenient, efficient and safe. Whether you are single rich men or women who aspire to live a luxury lifestyle , it can help you find your best rich men match.

2. Rich Men Perfer Women With Less Money ?

Yes, according to the survey of rich men dating preferences in millionaire match dating site , apparently different rich men have different dating preferences. But, when it comes to financial revenue, it is seen that men prefer their female life-partner who are below them. Rich men are looking for intelligent and simple women with less money, because they think that women with less money are sincere and down to earth, and this is what rich men are looking for. Of course, it is not very easy to attract rich men, enter our rich men blog, you will know some specialized rich men dating tips or strategies, these will make you know rich men well and how to approach and tame rich men.

3. Why You Should Marry Rich Men ?

Some women have made chasing the rich and luxury a lifestyle, therefore, earning them the title of 'gold diggers', in fact, it's very unfair for them! In essence, women care about financial stability of their future husband , which is also a comprehensive consideration. Money represents a men's responsibility to yourself and your family, and also represents diligent, whether it is brain or physical strength. Because we want to live, and the basis of good living conditions and developing prospect is money. As Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory says, the most basic need of human is the need for physiology and security. At the very least, if you have enough money, you can guarantee your basic life . The most important point is that wealthy men have control over life, the more money you make, the more living security you'll have in the future. What rich men and millionaires see is hope, otherwise, if you live a desperate life now, let alone have any motivation to think about the future. A rich man owns lots of excellent quality behind him, most believe that men get bad once they make big money, but poor men have no bottom line. You must marry a rich man as you can , please ignore those rumors and filth. Marriage has its ups and downs, but compared with the rich who can release their sadness by flying to Paris to feed pigeons even they meet problems in marriage, the poor with bad marriage deeply get into desperate. What can poor men do at this time ? maybe they must do more a part-time job to pay for next rent!

4. What Are the Tips for Dating Rich Men ?

When you are sure that you have to spend the rest of your life with a wealthy man, what do you need to do first? you need to date a rich man. But it's not so easy, don't worry, there are some professional tips for dating a millionaire will make you a leader among those women...Read More »

Don't be uncomfortable with his wealth. If he is the right person, he won't want to hear you repeatedly telling him how rich he is or how much you like to date a rich man. This may make him lose confidence in himself and the relationship between you. If he wants to buy something expensive, just let it go. If he wants to take you to the theatre or on vacation, don't repeat "this must be expensive" to hurt his kindness. This will destroy the romantic atmosphere, and will make you can't feel his good intentions.

Enjoy his wealth, but try to repay. Of course, champagne ,truffle and oysters are a big meal, but if you do this every night but there is no return, your rich boyfriend may suspect that you are in love with his bank account, not his wisdom or sense of humor. Find a balance between expensive activities and activities that everyone can offer. For example, you can invite him to go outdoors for a walk, hike, or sit on a bench and sunbathe. If the weather is too cold to be outside, maybe you can invite him to visit the newly opened museum or a bookstore near your home. This shows that his companionship is more important than his luxury gifts.

Try to adapt to his lifestyle. You don't have to learn his every move, especially if you don't have enough money, it's best to share the same hobbies and understand rich men's world very well. The more you have in common, the more he loves you. Learn about sports that rich people like, such as sailing, polo or tennis. You will learn some new skills, make new rich friends, and will be happy in the process!

You must be the girl with a real love for him. Finally, remember that the rich are not much different from the average person, except that the rich men have much money. You should tell him that your love for him is increasing day by day, this can make him understand that what you love is his spiritual beauty, not material beauty. If you are satisfied with the relationship between you, don't be ashamed of enjoying the benefits of a rich person's date. If you have just finished a trip to Venice, that's not bad

5. How Do Rich Men and Millionaire Live Life of Luxury ?

Most people have fantasized about the extravagant lifestyles of being rich, but the lifestyles of many rich people in the real world are unimaginable to ordinary people. Since Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions, sometimes you wonder; how does rich people spend their money and what are the things they spends it on?

1. Luxury House ----This is the dream of most people, the dream of childhood is to live in a luxurious castle or palace. A good house can give you comfort, security, best technological enablement, better neighbours and good prestige.

2. Expensive Cars ---- From the day the first car came out, it has been a sign of how rich a person is. Of course, rich men like luxury cars, they enjoy the roar of Ferrari's engine; they like Lamborghini's muscle lines and like Rolls Royce's classic and elegant! At the weekend, a wealthy man drives his luxury roadster for a ride, enjoy the warm sunshine and cool wind, and you are the charming wife who is sitting in the co-pilot.

3. Exotic Traveling ---- Rich people often choose to give themselves an exotic trip to forget their troubles and get happiness. If you are dating rich men and he loves you, he must take you to a romantic and exotic place. Maybe Dubai, bay of Kotor or Taha’a, French Polynesia, all the beautiful places like these is heaven on earth.

4. Private Jets and Private Yacht ---- Jets and yacht has been the symbol of wealth for upscale business tycoons round the world. On a sunny day, a young millionaire will drive his private luxury yacht to go fishing in the open sea; just because he wants to watch the sunset in California, the rich can always fly from Washington to Los Angeles on a private jet at anytime.

Rich people still have a lot of luxury lifestyles, no matter which one is enviable and amazing, this is our life goal and dream, but how to achieve it? In addition to our own efforts, we can also rely on external forces. Millionaire dating service can let you meet rich men and women on the internet, all you need is a real personal account on a high-end rich man dating site. When you find your ideal rich husband or wife, maybe you will struggle with whether you are going to the Maldives or the Mediterranean for your holiday, and you should consider spending a weekend in a villa in California or a beach in Miami, what a blessed sorrow!