How to Meet and Marry a Rich Man

by How to Meet Rich Men

Are you tired of meeting guys with nothing?

Have you ever wondered where to meet rich men?

You don't need money or great looks to find yourself a rich guy. Statistics show more and more of these men are meeting their mates online. Here at Meeting we have researched the paths on the internet most successful men and women take in finding each other online. Set out to find someone who's going to pamper you like a royal!!

Since 2001 the internet has seen a boom in online dating services. We have all seen the eHarmony and commercials catering to the general public. But where can the discriminating tastes find their soul's counterpart? We made a few calls and found there are a few services that cater to wealthy men looking for that special someone.

#1: SugarDaddie

How to Meet Rich Men First place to sign up is Sugardaddie. Oprah's Sugardaddie show had a few couples on her that have met "a Sugar Daddy" specifically through this successful portal. Typically you can only meet a rich man only by placing yourself in surroundings such as country clubs, yacht clubs, charity events, etc. However, here the online search functionality works pretty well. A great place to see what's out there, and from a safe vantage point.

It is free to post your profile at Before your profile is made available, a real person will review it for content violations. has strict policies as far as what is and is not allowable. They also have a no-nudity policy for photographs. If you are a true sugar baby, this should not bother you.



#2: Wealthy

Next there's Here the rich man has his income verified for a fee while women sign up free. Thats right - Men are verified using their patented WM Verification System. Wealthy Men .com has over 150,000 members already and there certainly is a great selection of men: from younger professionals looking for dates to older millionaires wanting someone to spend luxurious surroundings with.




3 Things You Need to Know about Marrying Rich Men

1. How to deal with the cry of "Golddigger!"

Perhaps an ex-boyfriend, or a girl-friend, or a sister... but when you meet a rich man you are bound to run into jealousy. The important thing to remember: it's all misdirected anger. Tell them to go buy wigs. Either they are jealous (friend), hurt (ex-boyfriend), or trying to be funny and failing miserably. It's really no sweat and means nothing in the long run.

2. Be Considerate.

Sometimes having a lot of money can be tough. It's a good problem to have, but sometimes it can be a problem. At where to meet rich men aka we have found it best to be considerate and tactful when it comes to the strains of money. Remember while it's nice to be dating a man with some financial padding, managing capital is one of the most worrisome things you can do.

3. Be Yourself.

Be yourself - a rich man is still just a man. Don't let yourself change just because you have the financial means to do so. If you are true to yourself and true to him then any situation will work itself out. Of course use your best judgement about when to introduce friends and family to your rich man - but make sure to include your old life in this new mix - it can be some of the most solidifying materials you have. Just listen to these words from Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley on his new wife Ex-Cheerleader Christy Oglevee:

As we moved through the season, I fell in love with her. We went through a lot of weird stuff, but it never fazed either of us. Maybe her dad brainwashed me one of the nights I passed out at her house, because no matter what happened, I was crazy about her. More likely it was her mom, since I was usually trying to impress the old man by drinking him under the table. 

Well perhaps that was not so much family bringing them closer as much as alcohol... but anyhow the point is he might like your folks and friends too. Be Yourself.



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